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    I would like to volunteer. How do I begin the process?
    To begin the volunteer process, email or call us at (513) 255-5582. Our volunteer coordinator will contact you with a list of current opportunities and to schedule a time for a volunteer orientation. At orientation, you will have a chance to complete the background check consent forms. Once your background check is complete, you will be contacted by the volunteer coordinator to discuss your areas of interest and your availability so you can begin volunteering.

    What is a volunteer orientation?
    Volunteer orientations are an important part of the volunteer process. At orientation, you will hear about the history of Cincinnati Urban Promise, our philosophy and focus on community development and about specific ways you can serve. You will also be able to tour our facilities and learn about the geographical area in which we serve.

    Why do I have to consent to a background check to volunteer?
    Cincinnati Urban Promise carefully screens volunteers to help ensure that the relationship between volunteers and our neighbors will be safe and rewarding for everyone involved. All prospective volunteers are screened through an application, background check, character references, and personal interviews. All information collected is confidential.

    How long is my volunteer term?
    Terms can be determined based on your availability and desire. For volunteers working directly with children we ask for a minimum of a one-year commitment. Children deserve our best commitment and children growing up in under-resourced areas often have not had the benefit of relationships with committed adults. We want to show them the character of commitment and not disappoint them by leaving them feeling abandoned or unimportant.

    What kind of special skills or training do I need to volunteer?
    None. If you have one to two hours each week and know how to have fun, know how to love and care for people, and have a desire to serve and worship – then this is the place for you. We have many skilled and unskilled jobs from working with children, to office work, to construction. Just about anything you can think of.

    Is it possible for the youth group at my church to volunteer on the weekend?
    Yes. We welcome all youth groups and have several possibilities for volunteer projects, depending on the time of year and day that your group is interested in serving. Please contact us to learn more about youth group opportunities.

    Do you have other group opportunities?
    Yes. We have many opportunities for group service trips. Please contact us to discuss scheduling your trip. We accept groups up to 60 people in the summer, up to 30 people at other times of year. There is a per person fee for lodging, staffing, and project supplies. We do any length of trip from day long trips to week long trips.

    Is there a minimum age requirement for volunteers?
    Yes. For our mentors, the minimum age requirement is 21 years of age. Other volunteers may be of any age. However, any volunteer under the age of 18 must be directly supervised by an adult. For our group volunteers, the minimum age requirement is 12 years of age. For group volunteers bringing students between the ages of 12-14 there must be a ratio of 1 adult per every 4 junior high students. The minimum age requirement may be waived for families serving together at special events.

    Are background checks required for Special Events?
    No. Due to the nature of our special events and holiday programs, we rely on a great number of volunteers to ensure the event/program runs smoothly. We encourage group and family participation at our events and do not require background checks be completed.

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