Summer of Promise Academic Enrichment

Summer of Promise is a 6 week day camp designed for learning, fun, and spiritual growth for urban students. During the 6 summer weeks students will have opportunity to participate in arts, learning about nature, immersion in music, learning gardening and cooking skills, and much more. In addition there are weekly field trips to museums, a ropes skills course, canoeing, and more!

Quality Programming

Cincinnati Urban Promise is committed to providing children with the most excellent care, education, and loving environment possible. Our goal is to provide an environment where students feel supported, are able to learn, and are able to grow into healthy adults!

Excellent Nutrition

Two meals each day of camp are provided through our partnership with World Outreach Church and Whole Again International, Inc. We are excited to be able to provide healthy meals and snacks to students throughout the summer!

Loving Environment

Love is a vital ingredient to growth. Students who lack a loving environment and who do not have a support system in the community do not fare as well in school, in their homes, or in their neighborhoods as students who have a system of adults and peers who they can love and be loved by in return. At Cincinnati Urban Promise our goal is to create an environment of support and love that allows students to achieve to their highest potential!

Opportunities to Learn

Summer of Promise camp consists of several learning opportunities each week. Not only will students participatein fun summer activities like games and swimming, but students will be able to go on educational trips to museums, nature walks, and outdoor physical activity. Time each day will be dedicated to summer reading and academics to keep students from falling behind in the summer months! Time each week will be dedicated to growing in wisdom and faith! This is no typical day camp, this camp is designed to teach!